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ELECTRIC WEDDING A Video Art Exhibit featuring artists from Los Angeles and Miami

posted by on 2011.12.03, under Home, News

I am in a group show called ELECTRIC WEDDING Tonight.
It is a Video Art Exhibit during ART BASEL weekend featuring artists from Los Angeles and Miami Curated by Grela Orihuela. If your in miami this weekend check it out.

jason lockyer
jason lockyer
jason lockyer

This group show connects the distant fragments of Miami and Los Angeles in a ritual gathering, an assembly of video art just steps from the global gathering of Art Basel Miami Beach. Joined in a one-night wedding of circumstance from opposite coasts, the participating artists share their electric expressions in the intimate sanctuary of Miami.



Zig Gron
Matt Jones
Flora Kao
Jason Lockyer
Katrina McElroy
Joe Merrell
Johnny Naked
Tanya Nolan
Elizabeth Tobias

Leo Castañeda
Jiae Hwang
and Nicholas Raftis III
Karlo Ibarra
Jillian Mayer
Primary Flight
Bert Rodriguez
sleeper and Bill Bilowit
Jen Stark
Antonia Wright

More info about the show:

You can check out my selected video here:
Now Here

Gallery 825 solo show, Here We Are

posted by on 2011.09.23, under Home

I recently created an installation at gallery 825 in Los Angeles. I took over the 17 x 19 foot Wurdemann gallery and created a three-dimensional video installation using discarded cardboard, paint, Bug-a-way warm lights, a glue gun, a lot of tape, a video projector, and cell phones, to create an exaggerated world where bugs are king.

The installation is an investigation into the natural world that envelops us on a daily basis. Discarded and donated cardboard was used to magnified dandelions, bugs, beer tabs, cigarette butts, grass, and rocks to create a environment where often overlooked elements are exaggerated and celebrated. Bug-a-way lights that advertise “Does Not Attract Insects” were used to cast warm shadows and illuminate the installation. Cell phones were also placed in the bugs and viewers were encouraged to call numbers that would ring the phones and create an interactive bug opera.

Artist pulled screen prints are also available at the show. Each limited edition signed and numbered print is on archival paper sized 22 x 30 inches, 50 prints were created.

As Hugh Raffles said, “There are other worlds around us. Too often we pass through them unseeing, contained by the limits of our senses and the banality of our imaginations.”

LAAA/Gallery 825
825 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Show Run through September 9 to October 7, 2011

More info about the show:

jason lockyer

jason lockyer

jason lockyer

jason lockyer

jason lockyer