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Happy Day

posted by on 2006.03.19, under Films

Happy Day, is film about realizing the things your parents told you and all those motivational posters that you have read, might just be wrong. It is about the revelation that maybe everyone’s 15 minutes of fame really isn’t that important and maybe, just maybe we aren’t all that special after all. Maybe all of us are just kinda of average, and then we die…

Art and Animation – Jason Lockyer
Sound – Mike Witting

Bender Films Featured in URB magazine

posted by on 2006.03.19, under News

Bender Films is featured in the March 2006 Issue Of Urb Magazine. If you don’t want to run out and buy it here is the article..

“Need a quick break from your cubicle? This updated monthly Web site created by Jason Lockyer – also a nine-to-fiver – features experimental films that feel more like gestures and run about one minute long. From breakups and downing cans of Tecate alone on that couch, to chasing pigeons on the street and driving cross-country, these tiny moments guarantee a fast escape and lasting impression.”
URB Magazine